Our Team.

Kingston Cannabis Research is focused on not only providing high-quality Medical Marijuana products, but we also strive to  service and fulfill customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to exceed your expectations.

Aron Cadeau

  • President
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Board Member

Aron’s Bio

Mr. Cadeau studied Operations Management and has over 20 years business experience with a proven track record in development, sales, marketing, retail operations, transportation and logistics.  Mr. Cadeau’s strong entrepreneurial drive has established him as pioneer in the hydroponic industry. His background includes: owning and operating a successful International transportation and logistics company for the past 22 years. In 2000 he bought a real estate company in Ontario Canada and grew its business tenfold. While doing so, he also franchised the company across Canada and oversaw more than half a billion dollars’ worth of real estate transactions. Mr. Cadeau has been involved in many other successful ventures, from construction to limousine services and owning many rental income properties (both commercial and residential).

Through determination and a high standard of excellence, Mr. Cadeau has established himself as a true leader in business. In 2009 his energy focused on the Canadian medical marihuana market. He became a partner and CEO of Castleblack Asset Management, then co-founded the Castleblack Group., which opened in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic in November 2011. His natural ability to see the big picture has allowed him to lever the various entities within the Castleblack Group of Companies to a position that is geared for continued success.

Beyond being a serial entrepreneur and operator, Mr. Cadeau believes strongly in giving back to the community. He is actively involved with Dove Missions in Canada and the Dominican Republic. From sponsoring children to helping with the construction of youth centers, he has shown his support through time, labor and personal financial donations. Aron is also a member of Living Green, a project that raises awareness of the value of recycling.

Charles Clarke

  • Vice President
  • Secretary Treasurer

Charles’ Bio

Mr. Clarke was born in Portland, Jamaica. He has extensive international experience including working as an electrical engineer and serving in the British air force and running a successful telecom company in Canada.

The roles he took on in his long overseas career encompassed everything from research and development to management of both teams of employees and operating businesses.

He now resides back in his native home of Jamaica, where he looks forward to using his broad range of skills and experience to contribute to the success of the cannabis industry.

Mr. Clarke’s vision is to help Jamaica and its citizens with forward thinking and development. He helps the community through local community projects and the funding of small local businesses.

Ted Valleau

  • VP of Marketing

Ted’s Bio

An international financing strategist and highly sought expert in emerging and growth markets around the world, Mr. Valleau is both an architect and an advocate for the business of legal and medicinal cannabis.

With more than 20 years of experience in corporate management, sales and marketing, Ted brings an impressive record of success in both public and private company leadership.

Mr. Valleau is also chairman of Castleblack Capital Group – a privately held merchant bank that has played a significant role in the capital formation, strategy and financing of several emerging and growth enterprises in the cannabis, technology and education service sectors. He is also president of Castleblack Assets, a management and consulting firm, providing strategic planning, business development, corporate development and capital raising services.

Known for turning vision into viability, he is committed to shaping and expanding the potential of what he sees as a global cannabis market on the verge of unparalled returns.

“It’s a new investment frontier and we’re right on top of it.”

Dr. Zig Hancyk

  • Chief Financial Officer

Zig’s Bio

Zig Hancyk is a seasoned IT executive and management consultant who has worked with a wide variety of public and private sector clients in Canada, the US and globally. Dr. Hancyk specializes in strategic planning, project management, training and development, and change management strategies for companies and governments. He was named CEO of the year by the Vancouver Island Advanced Technology Centre.

Zig holds a PhD in Business Administration with a specialization in Strategic Planning from Capella University in Minneapolis and a Master of Business Administration Degree from the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University in Montreal. He is also a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) and a Certified General Accountant (CGA). Zig has taught MBA courses in International Business, Management Consulting, Strategic Management, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship as an adjunct professor at the University of Ottawa, The University of Victoria, and Royal Roads University.

Dr. Sam Mellace

  • Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Sam’s Bio

Sam Mellace is one of Canada’s pioneering medical marijuana activists. He has been federally licensed as a patient and designated grower, and has assisted a great number of other patients through the onerous exemption process, and fought for the rights of patients to medicate without fear of prosecution.

Featured in National Geographic, CBC, and numerous other documentaries and publications, Sam is recognized as one of the most sophisticated and accomplished medical marijuana growers in the world. Sam has also developed hand creams, butter, and after-chemo shakes to provide much safer consumption alternatives to smoking.

Carol McBain

  • VP of Research and Development

Carol’s Bio

Carol McBain studied Medical Laboratory Technology at the Michener Institute for Health Sciences (formerly the Toronto Institute of Medical Technology). She spent 13 years working as a Microbiology Technologist in a hospital followed by a private laboratory setting. Her yearning to make a difference in people’s lives led her to pursue a career in the Medical Device Industry of which she spent 10yrs as a successful Account Executive to hospitals throughout Ontario, Canada. Her entrepreneurial spirit has lead her to a successful career in Real Estate, previously owning and operating a micro-winery and being part of a specialized “on call” team of Tissue Recovery Techs for the Gift of Life program.

Carol is looking forward to incorporating her medical, sales and business acumen in this new venture. Her compassion and willingness to help others has fueled her interest in the emerging medicinal cannabis industry.

Dr. Kathleen Lobban

  • Research and Development

Kathleen’s Bio

Kathleen Lobban holds a MsC in Forensic Science from Staffordshire University in England. She also holds a PhD in Biotechnology from the University of The West Indies, Mona.  Dr. Lobban is currently employed to the University of Technology, Jamaica where she lectures in the areas of Forensic Science and Biology. She has coauthored on papers centred around the understanding and improvements of yam production. Her current research interests focuses on the sociology of forensic science in small-state societies.

Tony Crawford

  • VP of Sales

Tony’s Bio

More than 30 years building experience in Sales, Marketing, Purchasing, Cost Planning, Production Control and Transportation with such large corporations as Caterpillar and Honda Motor Company has made Tony a sought after partner and mentor to many companies and individuals looking to develop a professional edge.

Ever the serial entrepreneur, in 2009 Tony joined his wife in Residential and Commercial Real Estate. This was a great opportunity to develop and grow a personal portfolio and brand, while giving time to develop new skills and mentor others in the sales industry.

Joining the Castleblack Group of companies is an exciting move to be able to showcase all of Tony’s knowledge and abilities to help the company grow at home and internationally.

Mike May

  • Sales Manager

Mike’s Bio

Mr. May has spent 28 years in the automotive industry with Honda Motor Co. who has a global reputation for the highest safety, quality, reliability and customer satisfaction in the business. Mike has devoted his career to ensuring quality, safety and production of products sold in all global markets. He has extensive managerial experience pertaining to all aspects of automotive manufacturing, including but not limited to: supply chain, business planning, corporate training, quality control, cost, systems development and testing, assembly production and customer safety.

Mike is a very dedicated, detail oriented individual with an entrepreneurial spirit who looks forward to applying and expanding his wide variety of acquired business skills in this very exciting and ground breaking industry.

Being a cancer survivor himself, Mike truly understands the need for an alternative, natural, non-intrusive, safe and effective method of managing chronic and symptomatic illnesses. He is very excited to be part of a diversified team of qualified individuals dedicated to improving the lives of millions of people worldwide.

Errol Jacky Haughton

  • Jamaican Business Development

Jacky’s Bio

Jacky Haughton has a first degree in communications. Studied at Ryerson Polytechnical in Toronto Canada and George Brown College as well as U of T.

Has worked in communications in Toronto and is a pioneer in electronic media in the Jamaican landscape. Has worked as Producer Director for the Jamaica Information Service, SuperSupreme Television and Television Jamaica. Was a member of the team that created the now running morning show Smile Jamaica and was Producer for many years. In addition Jacky has worked on many films, videos and documentaries as a film maker in his own right.

Jacky became a part of the Ganja Future Growers Group five years ago and when the group became the premium advocacy group and was broadened into a national association he was a member of the first steering committee.  He has made meaningful contribution to the process and was elected Chairman of one of the earliest parish associations in this regime, The St Mary Ganja Growers and Producers association.

His hard work as parish leader was rewarded by his appointment as one of the National Vice Presidents of the National Ganja Growers and Producers Association. He is also a member of the advocacy group National Alliance for the Legalization of marijuana. He is renown for his outspokenness and dedication and is a very hard worker who has an awesome record in his field. A selfless individual who always has the big picture in mind.

Michael P. Grady

  • VP of Human Resources

Michael’s Bio

Mr. Michael P. Grady is a seasoned entrepreneur born in Toronto, Ontario. Mr. Grady has pioneered a career in the executive search and staffing industry. Michael founded Innovative Management Solutions Group (IMS Group) in 1996 where his passion continues assisting professionals with their career development while helping companies build their businesses.

As an industry leader Michael’s commitment to the staffing industry lead to the introduction of the “Winner Within” personal and professional development coaching program, an industry first to assist both client and candidate development. His staffing expertise reaches across the continent.

Mr. Grady is very active in real-estate investment and shares an equity position in two thriving start-up companies.

Mr. Grady continues to evolve his entrepreneur skills as a member of CEO Global and looks forward to making a strong contribution to the Castleblack Group.